Rendered images of OPPO X, OPPO’s extraordinary model, designed by Tom Ford, have been published by LetsGoDigital. The device comes with a second screen mechanism with a slide.

Rendered images of an extraordinary device working on OPPO, the Chinese mobile technology giant, which has seen a rapid rise in recent years with its budget-friendly smartphones and mobile accessories, have been published by LetsGoDigital. This model, whose screen extends from the bottom to the top or, in other words, the screen comes out in the middle, is the Oppo X, bearing the signature of the famous designer Tom Ford.

The words “OPPO X Tom Ford” right below the camera installation of the device in the images draws attention to the fact that the model is produced in cooperation with OPPO and Tom Ford.

If we briefly talk about the design of the device based on the rendered images; Inside the device, there is a mechanism similar to the slide keyboard mechanisms.

The touch panel placed in this mechanism appears when you slide the small outer screen upwards, and thus the screen becomes larger. There is also a touch panel just below the rear camera setup, and this panel appears when the device is slid up. The touch panel on the back allows you to use the rear camera setup as a front camera, because the device does not have a front camera sensor.

The device can also be used with the small screen outside without removing the inside screens.

Due to the mechanism inside, the device has a very thick case and it will probably be quite heavy.

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The golden yellow module on the back of the device has three camera sensors and one LED Flash just below them. The properties of the sensors are not yet known.

The exterior of the device, which is painted in burgundy color in the images, is covered with leather.

We think that the OPPO X Tom Ford Edition will be available in limited numbers and will find buyers with a high price tag in the future.
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