PC manufacturer OPSYS will pay a salary of $ 41,000 to a person who needs to play games for 1 year.

OPSYS is a new PC company established in UK Stockport. The company is offering £ 30,000 (approximately $ 41,000) for a 12-month job position.

Stating that “instead of paying £ 30,000 for an advertisement to promote the world’s most powerful computers, we are giving £ 30,000 to a person to play games with them,” the company makes a different advertisement preference.

OPSYS receives applications for the new job position it has opened by sharing your participation video with the specified hashtag on social media. In the application video, you must also prove that you are suitable for this job position.

What the job entails beyond playing games is unclear at the moment. Promoting the firm seems to be a priority. Also, let us remind you that this job is full-time and will be carried out from home.

Applications will end on April 9, while interviews will continue until April 12.


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