The Otter initiative, which offers artificial intelligence-based live note taking solutions, enables the conversations to be turned into live subtitles and notes during video calls.

With the widespread use of the video call concept during the pandemic period, notes are now being taken on the computer. The Otter initiative, which has been providing live dictation service to the Zoom app for a while, has now made available the Chrome extension for Google Meet.

It rivals Google
The Otter initiative is known for its applications that enable live notes to be taken during speech using artificial intelligence technologies. One of the fastest growing startups, Otter was able to transcribe speeches instantly in Zoom talks, of which he was a long-time partner.

A Chrome extension has also been released for Google Meet this week. Thanks to the plugin, speeches during Google Meet meetings are displayed as subtitles or translated live into text.

Unlike Google’s own dictation service, offering interactive and editable notes makes it easy to collaborate, especially at the end of the call. In addition, with the keyword insertion feature, some special jargon patterns are prevented from being bypassed by artificial intelligence. Otter software is used most efficiently with monthly or annual subscription fees.


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