The Corona virus outbreak, which affects the whole world, continues to affect the film industry. Our Mission Danger movie, starring Tom Cruise, will upset fans with the announcement from Paramount.

Our Mission Danger series What are the new vision dates?
Directed by the film’s production company Paramount, Christopher McQuarrie’s film was interrupted in Italy due to the Corona virus outbreak. As the outbreak could not be prevented, the mission dates of Our Mission Hazard 7 and Mission Mission Hazard 8 were also delayed.

“We are changing the three-week production plan for the safety of all our teammates and players,” Paramount said in a statement. In this process, we want to listen to our team’s concerns and allow them to return home until production begins. ” his statements were included.

The seventh film of the series, which is planned to be released on 23 July 2021, was postponed to 19 November 2021. The planned first release date of the eighth film of the series has been shifted from August 5, 2022 to November 4, 2022.

Our only production task that was affected by the Corona virus outbreak was not the Hazard series. The premiere and press tour of the 25th film of the James Bond series, No Time to Die, planned to take place in China, was also canceled.


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