Outlook gets the ability to react to emails with Facebook-style emoji.
The way of reacting to messages with emojis, which is especially liked by users, is in our lives with the ease it has provided for many years.

Although the need for this feature to come to emails is open to discussion, it has been announced that a similar feature will be introduced for the Outlook Web version.

On Microsoft’s product roadmap site, it shows a feature in development called “For Outlook Web: Do not react to an email message”. It will allow users to react to an email without sending their email with a set of emojis. “Outlook on the web is expanding the ability to like email messages,” Microsoft said in a statement. In addition to likes, users will be able to use emojis to show love, laughter, celebration, thank you, or sadness as a reaction. ” summarized the update in the form.

Being able to like an email on the Outlook Web has been around for years. Instead of typing a reply, you can click the like emoji in the top right corner of an email. If people liked your message, the number showing how much liked is also indicated on the emoji. The Like button is still not available in Outlook’s desktop app, so it is predicted that the new responses update will also be limited to the web version only.

Finally, let’s point out that the ability to react with new emojis is planned to be brought to the Outlook web app in March.


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