A new study by We Predict found that owning an electric car costs more than traditional vehicles with internal combustion engines.

Many car brands point out that when marketing electric cars, the maintenance cost of such vehicles is cheaper than internal combustion engine vehicles. However, a new study has revealed that using an electric car costs several times more.

The We Predict team conducted a research focusing on “running costs” in the first 90 days of cars. Within the scope of this study, millions of auto repair and maintenance certificates were examined. The main purpose of the research was to reveal the service cost of electric cars.

Labor and parts prices are also high

During the first three months, it was determined that the average service cost of electric vehicles was 123 dollars, while cars with internal combustion engines were 53 dollars. So there is more than two times the difference. The same goes for labor and parts prices.

While the average labor fee for electric cars is $ 58, it is $ 25 for cars with internal combustion engines. The study also showed that electric vehicle parts (an average of $ 65) were more expensive than cars with an internal combustion engine ($ 28).


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