The formation called Flash Game Archive has offered a collection of 4 thousand games made with Flash technology, which is now on the dusty shelves of history.

Although Flash technology has been permanently disabled on their products by Adobe, other companies and browser manufacturers since January 2021, after 25 years, the platform continues to be the basis for numerous web applications and games.

It is still possible to play Flash content today, but only using specialized tools and emulators. Now enthusiasts, a formation called Flash Game Archive has gathered over 4,000 classic Flash games. The flash game archive is only 55MB in size (version 2.0) because not all games are built into the collection. Instead, each can be launched individually on request.

UltraHD resolution support

The program opens in full screen mode and the interface is divided into several sections: “Categories”, “Favorites”, “New”, “Random game”, “Highscore”, “Search” and “Hidden” adult content. Resolutions from ultra-low SD (720 × 576 pixels) to high Ultra HD (4K) are supported. Since Flash Game Archive uses multiple versions of Flash 13 by default, it requires an internet connection to function properly.

The program provides access to dozens of different Flash game categories with convenient alphabetical listing order, and you can choose from a variety of categories. Screenshots and a brief description are shown on the page of each game.


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