The Wikimedia Foundation has announced Wikimedia Enterprise, a new paid service for companies that use Wikipedia data. The service will be available in the second half of this year.

Many technology companies use Wikipedia’s data for information transmitted to users. Wikipedia does not charge companies for this service. The Wikimedia Foundation, the organization behind the Free Encyclopedia, will launch a paid option this year to get big tech companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook to pay while using their content.

Paid service transfer on Wikipedia
Currently targeting only major tech companies, the new paid platform called Wikimedia Enterprise will provide paid developer tools that make it easier for companies and organizations to use Wikipedia data.

Wikimedia Enterprise aims to offer advantages to large technology companies in three main areas.

The frequency of regular batch data dumping that allows any vandalism to be fixed more quickly
Increasing the reliability aspect through a reliable infrastructure that allows them to reuse information and provide services to the user base around the clock
Availability of technical support
Wikimedia Foundation senior manager Lane Becker told Wired that Wikimedia Enterprise aims to facilitate the use of the platform by technology companies, and that companies can continue to use the platform for free if they do not want this solution.

The foundation gets the money the business needs to finance the $ 100 million budget from donations. They state that the new paid option will not be the primary source, but still generating income from companies will fundamentally provide greater stability.

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The new paid option is planned to be available in the second half of this year.


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