Famous technology investor Chamath Palihapitiya suggested that the rise of Bitcoin at a striking pace at this point would be negatively large.

Chamath Palihapitiya, CEO of Social Capital and Chairman of Virgin Calactic, who had an interview with Unchained Podcast recently, thinks that the rapid increase in the value of Bitcoin can be dangerous.

Stating that things should go terribly bad in the financial system in order for the price of Bitcoin to rise at a striking rate at this point, the dollar billionaire said, “This situation creates devastating effects on your friends and family. It has big consequences for many people who have not bought Bitcoin, including our acquaintances. So you don’t want such a thing. ” said.

Emphasizing that only 1 percent of the portraits should be reserved for Bitcoin, the famous investor said that he met Bitcoin in 2010, as we have previously reported. In 2013, Palihapitiya said that Wences Casares, a name that Bitcoin ecosystem soon knew, was convinced by him to invest in BTC on his way to Las Vegas for his birthday. . I started like this. That period was around $ 80. It has been several years to understand BTC. Actually, I even forgot what I learned about the mechanics of the work. I think these details are no longer important. ” He spoke as.

Referring to 2017, when Bitcoin was experiencing a serious increase, the young CEO said, “When it was 20 thousand dollars, those in the office were almost mad. Me too ‘Don’t tell me anything, the price doesn’t matter. I do not want to know. Do not sell, do not be psychologically affected by the price. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 10 thousand or 20 thousand dollars. ” He already shared his interesting story by saying “I can’t tell you the price, I don’t know.”

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The technology entrepreneur was once a member of the top executive team on Facebook. Managing more than $ 2 billion in his firm, Palihapitiya is also a member of the board of the NBA team Goldan State Warriors.


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