Years ago, we saw that technology giant Microsoft produced the smallest computer in the world. These kinds of designs are of course not available and although they are being made to be “first”, China-based Chuwi, which draws attention with its affordable computer models, is now only available with a palm-sized computer. This computer, named Larkbox, looks like a three-dimensional cube.

Palm-size computer mini Larkbox only
Larkbox, which comes with a very cute design, is a device that the company offers as the smallest 4K PC in the world. Having a Celeron N4100 processor, Larkbox is said to run even on Windows 10.

The mini computer, which is transferred as 6cm x 6cm x 4cm, has a volume of 0.16 liters.

The computer also has a USB-A output. This mini computer, which can also charge the phone when requested, looks quite interesting.

Even though the company has not given any promotional date for its mini computer, it is still stated that it may appear in the near future.

Besides, it is not expected to be a cheap price for this computer, which is prominent in the global market.


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