Nintendo offers a new and extensive Paper Mario: The Origami King gameplay detailing the title’s levels, allied characters, combat, and more.

Nintendo surprised us a few weeks ago with the announcement of a new installment of the Paper Mario saga along with its near release date: July 17 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. This time they have followed a similar tactic by publishing through their official social networks a new and extensive 5-minute gameplay of the game that details their various levels, the allies that will help Mario in his adventure, his system combat, some final bosses and more.

All the news we know about Paper Mario: The Origami King

As in most games in the Mario Bros. series, the main mission of the best-known Italian plumber of all time will be to save Princess Peach. This time the villain is not Bowser, but it is the so-called King Olly, who has dragged Peach and his entire castle to his world in order to carry out his evil plans. “On his journey to tear the giant colored streamers that surround the castle, Mario will tour extensive regions full of surprises and visit a sewer system, turbulent rivers, ancient ruins, a mansion populated by ninjas and an oasis in the middle of the desert that will satisfy the thirst for adventure of the players ”, details Nintendo in an official statement.

As we can see in the gameplay that leads this piece, Mario will have a wide cast of characters to help him in his task. From a forgetful Bob-omb to a professor Toad expert in ancient history and Kamek himself, who always has a trick up his sleeve, the protagonist will be well accompanied in this new history. Olivia, sister of the evil king Olly, will also join the hero in her company.

As for the new combat system, we can see how it will be in the video at hand. Basically, it offers us some mechanics based on aligning as many enemies as possible by turning the disks on the ground, in order to make chains and be able to knock them down in the most comfortable way possible. Mario will have to pull wit to use his skills (stomp with his boots, poke with the hammer or heal himself, among others) to face each adversary and win victory.

Finally, in the trailer we are advanced by some of the final bosses that the plumber will have to knock down: a box of colored pencils, a giant adhesive tape or a doll made of elastic bands. As you can see, Nintendo has wanted to keep the spirit of stationery in all aspects of the title, which promises to be one of the most complete in the Paper Mario saga.


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