Park Ha Sun has received an offer to play the lead in Daughter-in-Law, a new KakaoTV drama based on Soo Shin Ji’s webtoon Myeoneuragi.

The plot of Daughter-in-Law focuses on the traditional patriarchal system of the Korean family and addresses the unfair realities that wives face, who are forced to live up to the expectations of their husbands and relatives politicians.

Park Ha Sun has been offered the role of Min Sa Rin, a businesswoman who recently married Mu Gu Young. After their wedding, the couple move to the Gu Young family home, and despite Sa Rin trying to do her best to get along with the rest of the family, she suffers due to the conservative patriarchal beliefs of its members. .

The actress has worked on dramas like Temptation, Drinking Solo, and Love Affairs in the Afternoon. Also, the broadcast of the Postpartum Care Center, also known as the Postnatal Care Center, a drama by the tvN network in which Park Ha Sun plays one of the protagonists, is scheduled to begin next August.

The drama adaptation of Daughter-in-Law will be directed by Lee Kwang Young. The series will express the need to address gender inequalities and increase viewers’ knowledge of the subject.

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