Once again Park Shin Hye thanks her fans in a very cute way and this time it is through a donation to her fans who come from low income.

On December 22, a source from Salt Entertainment stated the following:

“Actress Park Shin Hye and her fans donated approximately 90,000 sanitary pads to girls and adolescents from low-income households through the Starlight Angel Project with Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI).”

-Salt Entertainment

The 20 million won will be used in the Starlight Angel Project to purchase sanitary pads for teenagers in difficult economic conditions.

The sanitary pads will be donated for around 500 teens at 38 of KFHI’s Children’s Community Centers called Happy Home School and 24 centers recommended by the Korea Association of Child Welfare Centers for a total of 62 regional children’s centers across the country. including Seoul and Gwangju. The amount donated is approximately five months of sanitary napkins.

These were the words of appreciation for this donation.

“We sincerely thank the fans in Korea and abroad for always engaging in good deeds with actress Park Shin Hye. We hope that the girls and teenagers who are going through difficult times can have a warmer end of the year thanks to the kind action of Park Shin Hye and her fans. ”

-Salt Entertainment

For these actions, fans continue to support Park Shin Hye 😀


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