The closure of the coronavirus is giving rise to a multitude of cast meetings for some of our favorite series and movies in recent years. In the case of ‘Parks and Recreation’ they wanted to take it one step further and all the actors recovered the characters from Pawnee who conquered millions of viewers between 2009 and 2015, years of broadcast of this stupendous comedy created by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur .

Obviously, there was a very large limitation due to the fact that none of them could leave their home, but in return, the participation of several writers from the series. The result is clearly that it is far from the level of the best episodes of ‘Parks and Recreation’, but it was like attending a meeting of friends who you did not know you missed so much, a dose of joy and optimism that they come in handy in these times.

Simple but very effective

Unsurprisingly, this ‘Parks and Recreation’ gathering uses Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) as the lynchpin to bring everyone else back. The plot pretext is very simple – he is very busy with different committees for the quarantine in Pawnee – and he misses his friends, so he regularly uses video calls.

Thus we are jumping from one to the other, respecting at all times the personality of each one of them and justifying with great success that the couples are separated. From there, the fact of being a conversation between friends prevails, commenting a little on his current situation and directing everything towards the musical number in which he once again pays tribute to a very beloved character of Pawnee.

The truth is that I do not think it makes much sense to make a regular criticism of a chapter that is still a gift for fans and a way to lend a hand to those who are having a hard time, because the reason for its existence is in Make donations to the Feeding America Coronavirus Relief Fund. In just a few hours, $ 3 million had already been raised, so we can only say that mission accomplished.

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In terms of offering something to the followers of the series that does not detract from what has been seen so far, it is not necessary to put it but some, since the ‘Parks and Recreation’ itself already trusted a lot in its final stretch in the affection we had towards its characters and the key is always knowing how to handle it.

Everything in its place
In this meeting it is something that is very careful, starting with that brief initial appearance of Paul Rudd and continuing with the different conversations between Leslie, Ron, Tom, April, Andy and company. It is true that there is no time when one laughs, but he really recognizes the characters and is all the time with a smile on his face, first by seeing them and then by how they interact with each other.

In addition, there are different cameos of other secondary characters, some better integrated than others in the dynamics that have been established since Leslie chatted with Ron, but in the end the important thing is that they all fulfill their mission. For my part, I especially enjoyed those of Tammy Two and Jean-Ralphio, but each of them contributes their grain of sand so that for a few minutes we think that we are back in Pawnee and not just seeing some actors playing with the suspension of disbelief.

That is something that was also taken care of technically, since there was even a certain expense in visual effects – for this, the department for that purpose of ‘The Good Place’, another series created by Daniels Schur – was counted on so that it did not seem that all of them were simply at home, thus facilitating the feeling of immersion in what is happening.

In short

The ‘Parks and Recreation’ reunion was what many fans of the series did not know we needed. A warm reunion with his characters to raise spirits in difficult times.


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