The password management application for Google Chrome can now be used more effectively. 3rd party apps will envy this feature.

In the internet world, password management applications have started to make a success recently. These applications, which set a unique password separately for each site, allow users to log in with one click. However, Google was also starting to get involved in this business. Unlike its competitors, it’s free.

For Google Chrome users, the ability to save passwords and payment information between devices and synchronize them with their accounts has been a very useful feature.

There were some users who didn’t like to sync but still wanted access to their payment information. Google adds this feature, making payment and password management available for all logged in users.

If the user has already added a Google Account to the device, it will now be possible to log in to Chrome with a single tap without having to re-enter their credentials. Users will still have the option to sign in without adding an account.

The payment information stored in a user’s Google account will soon be available with an autofill feature, making their shopping experience much easier. To enable this feature, Chrome will ask for the CVC number of the card or ask to verify the user biometric login.

Finally, Chrome’s Password manager will be presented with some options, such as choosing where the user would like to save a password on the device or their Google Account. If the user chooses the latter, the password will be available on all devices.

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