A problem was identified recently with Epic Games, which is Steam’s biggest competitor in PC gaming. A new patch has now been released for this issue.

One of the most popular names in the gaming world, the digital game platform Epic Games has conquered the hearts of many players, especially with free games. Unfortunately, the application itself is still not very useful. The application, which is not comfortable in terms of ergonomics, also forces computers a little.

As we have transferred to you in the past days, it was revealed that Epic Games Launcher was running Ryzen processors warmer after a Reddit user noticed and other users confirmed the situation. A patch was released recently to address this situation.

According to Epic Games employee Sergiy Galyonkin, this is due to an error. The released patch 11.0.2 should also fix this, but Galyonkin also states that this is not a complete solution. Another suggestion of PC Gamer is that after installing the patch, if the problem does not resolve, delete and reinstall the application. However, do not forget to deactivate Epic Games from the beginning of the task manager.

The 16MB patch is now available for download.


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