A previous day’s claim revealed that tech giant Apple will make some design changes on the trackpad on the MacBook. According to reports, Apple designers are working on this important change and a patent application has been filed in this direction.

Apple, the giant name in the world of technology, is working hard to develop its products and always strives to expand its user base with its innovations. A new piece of news the day before revealed that Apple was not idle while the coronavirus epidemic was going on. Allegedly, Apple is working and testing to change the standard design of the trackpad on MacBook devices these days.

It is commented that Apple is pursuing to introduce innovative features for MacBook devices that are already considered unique by the company. With this news, it is said that the technology giant is considering virtualizing the trackpad on the devices and therefore applied for a new patent. In other words, if the news is correct, the trackpad, which has many combinations of movements in itself, will be more functional as such and users can place the quadrant anywhere.

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Another thing that is said to be that Apple’s new patent news is not just about the trackpad. It was reported that the company that applied for a second patent went one step further and wanted to make the keyboard and the area around the keyboard sensitive to touch.

It was reported that the company received the ‘Dynamic Entry Surface for Electronic Devices’ patent with the application made to the US Patent and Trademark Office. If Apple’s idea is put into practice, users will be able to place a trackpad anywhere. This will allow, for example, a left-handed person to move the trackpad to the left of the computer to use it more comfortably.

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Besides, if the idea is put into practice, the keyboard on the device can become a large touch panel. It is also said that the patent of a device with an integrated interface system, which is said to be taken by Apple, will open the way to use the keyboard not only for text input but also for more. We will see if this change will make the bottom of the MacBook touch or not.


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