WhatsApp, the messaging application used by millions around the world, is in danger! Users are hacked with fake spam messages!


We know that many applications have been hacked recently. These include YemekSepeti and Facebook. Attackers do everything in their power to access users’ information. These attackers, who constantly change their method, have found a new hacking method. With this method, your WhatsApp information and messages are hacked and captured very easily! In the rest of our news, we will talk about how this attack happened and what you need to do!


WhatsApp Users Are Hacked Through Spam Messages!

In order to be protected from this attack, it is necessary to understand what this attack is. Then you should know how to protect yourself. If you received an SMS under the name WhatsApp on your phone, it must contain a code. Later, a friend you trust will ask you to tell the code that came to your phone via WhatsApp. We are sure that some of them will say the code against this little request without even looking at the origin of the message, as they already trust their friend. This is where things broke off! If you tell the code, your account will be hacked!

The reason your friend asks you for such a code is actually because that person is not your friend! With the same method, his account has been captured and an attack is carried out on your account by the person who captured it. Getting rid of this is very simple. You will never share the code you received on your phone, even delete it if possible, and you will call your friend. You will tell the friend who picked up the phone that his WhatsApp account was stolen and ask him to log in again. You will then recommend that he secure his account with 2-step verification. In this way, his account will not be put in danger another time.

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Remember! If you share the code with your friend, the phone numbers of everyone in your phonebook will be stolen and all your messages will be copied. In fact, the person who hijacks your account can talk to your friends on your behalf, send the bank account and even ask for loan! For this reason, be careful not to fall for such numbers in order to protect your personal information! Now you know how to stay protected. You can also share this article with your friends to warn and secure them!


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