Valheim has managed to become one of the fastest rising games in Steam history. The instant player figures of the game have approached 400 thousand.

Steam’s new phenomenon, Valheim, does not stop. The numbers of the game, which broke the instant player record last weekend, continued to increase rapidly during the week. Valheim developers have announced that they have surpassed 3 million sales in less than three weeks.

Valheim managed to become the fastest rising game of its kind, reaching 367 thousand instant players last weekend. It was predicted that the numbers would decrease during the week, but the opposite happened. The game numbers continued to increase rapidly and reached 391 thousand. It is expected to easily surpass 400 thousand by the end of this week.

Valheim is currently ahead of games such as Rust, GTA 5, Apex Legends, Team Fortress 2 in instant player figures. Some days it has also managed to outpace PUBG. Valheim has been one of the few fastest rising games in Steam history. If we consider it among the independent productions, it managed to take the first place.

Since Valheim’s rise is completely organic (without the effect of Twitch etc.), it is thought that he can maintain high player numbers for a longer period of time. The fact that the game is highly praised almost everywhere will also be a big factor here. Valheim, which is currently in the early access process, may remain in the top spots of Steam for a long time.

In Valheim, a Scandinavian-themed survival game, players are left in the middle of a large map with only their clothes on. Here, on the one hand, you are trying to establish your own settlement, on the other hand, you are trying to protect your area against enemies, monsters and much more.


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