Work has begun for the sixth season of the British TV series Peaky Blinders, one of the popular productions of the drama industry. The series will unfortunately finish with the sixth season.

A sad news was shared for the fans of the British period series Peaky Blinders, which started in 2013 and reached large masses especially with its first seasons and proved its success.

Steven Knight, who is the scriptwriter and creator of the series, made a statement on the official website and said that the sixth season of the series will be the last season. Thanks to all the fans, Steven Knight also announced that work has started for the sixth season. Unfortunately, there is no clear date for the sixth season.

Although Steven Knight said that Peaky Blinders will end in season six, the story will continue in a different way and the universe will continue to live. Finally, he claimed that the last season of the series will be better than any episode aired so far.

Unfortunately, there are currently no more details regarding Peaky Blinders’ sixth season. You can find the first five seasons of the series on Netflix right now.


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