For Periscope, the live broadcast application owned by Twitter, the end of the road appeared. Twitter announced that Periscope will close soon.

Periscope, the independent live broadcast application of Twitter, has lost quite a lot of users lately. Instagram’ın who can not cope with the job and enter the live broadcast from the copyright on Turkey’s application operates as a left Scopa was announced to be closed.

Twitter stated that the live streaming app will shut down because its income no longer covers its expenses. It seems that most people will not care much about the practice we will bid farewell in March 2021. In fact, the social media giant had given the signals of this before.

As you know, Twitter has live streaming integration in iOS and Android applications. This integration seems to replace Periscope.

Note that Periscope will be removed from iOS and Android app stores after March 2021. After March, the application will not be registered. If you have live broadcast recordings on Periscope, you will need to download them as archives before March 2021. Otherwise, your entire archive will be deleted after March.

We are sure you even forgot about Periscope’s existence until you read this news. Twitter’s termination of its activities in the field of live broadcast will be to put oil on Instagram’s bread.

Twitter needs to take a move against Facebook’s rushing initiatives next year. We hope these moves will not be through the main application and will be presented to users as separate applications. Otherwise, the beautiful structure of Twitter is broken.


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