The Perseverance rover photographed the first dust demon on Mars. It is not as clear as the dust demon photos previously taken by Opportunity and Curiosity, but still offers an interesting view.

Perseverance, NASA’s new rover, landed on Mars last month, captured the first dust demon on the Red Planet. In the images shared on Twitter, we get the opportunity to see the movement of the dust devil on the surface.

In the tweet from Perseverance’s official Twitter account, “I’ve viewed the dust demon. In the image below, you can see a little further behind my robotic arm. The dust demon is moving from right to left and creating tiny dust hoses on its way.” expressions were used.

Dust devils are a phenomenon that abounds on the surface of Mars. Spacecraft like Opportunity and Curiosity had previously captured powder demon photos and shared them with Earth. Perseverance’s first dust demon image cannot be said to be very clear, but it still offers a very interesting view.

Avatar Perseverance rover captures ‘dust demon’ on Mars
Small Mars tornadoes, also known as ‘Dalaz’, are formed due to rising and swirling hot air, just like on Earth. When the air starts spinning fast enough, small grains of sand are gathering from the surface and dust devils are formed as a result.

The biggest goal of NASA in the Perseverance project, which was developed at a cost of $ 2.9 billion, “Was there life on Mars?” will be to answer the question. Accordingly, the Perseverance rover was landed billions of years ago into the Jezero Crater, known to be covered with rivers and lakes.

The Perseverance mission also includes some other highlights, such as the Mars helicopter Ingenuity, the MOXIE device that converts carbon dioxide into oxygen, and the first steps towards bringing earth from Mars to Earth.

Perseverance will be on Mars for many years, just like his big brothers Opportunity and Curiosity.


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