Trading legend Peter Brandt stated that the recent drop in Bitcoin could be the biggest correction since March.


Bitcoin price

Elon Musk’s latest statements pushed Bitcoin to its lowest level since May 1. Legendary trader Peter Brandt pointed out that this could be a big fix.

“Officially the biggest correction since March 2020.”

Knowledgeable commodity trader Peter Brandt, who was in the business while most of the current crypto traders were not yet born, tweeted that the current Bitcoin drop caused by another “anti-Bitcoin” tweet by Elon Musk is the biggest since BTC’s fall in March.

Brandt posted a sarcastic comment on Bitcoiners ‘firm belief that financial institutions’ support will prevent any major Bitcoin price drop.

In his tweet on May 2, Peter Brandt stated that no major correction has yet taken place in the crypto market. It seemed that Brandt had expected a much harder decline in the entire cryptocurrency market.


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