Large pharmacy chains in the US are trying to increase the number of flu vaccine orders they will give to pharmaceutical companies before the flu season begins in October. The second wave of the Corona virus epidemic is likely to arrive in the next winter, with thousands of flu cases being worried. It is stated that this situation may create a big burden on hospitals.

CVS, one of the largest pharmacy chains in the USA, reported that they are trying to purchase enough vaccine to meet the expected increase in the number of customers.

Rite Aid, the rival pharmacy chain, ordered 40 percent more doses of vaccine than usual to meet the expected increase in demand. Walmart and Walgreens supermarkets are also expecting an increasing number of Americans who will need to use vaccine this flu season.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are also working to meet the growing demand. Australian vaccine producer CSL Seqirus announced that customers’ demand for vaccines increased by 10 percent. GlaxoSmithKline, headquartered in England, reported that they are ready to increase production as needed.

“The number of people planning to get influenza vaccine increased in America”

According to a survey by Reuters / Ipsos among 4,428 adults between 13-19 May, 60 percent of American adults plan to vaccinate in the fall. Generally, only less than 50 percent of Americans get the flu vaccine. The U.S. Centers for Disease Protection and Prevention (CDC) recommends the vaccine to anyone older than 6 months.

The flu vaccine does not protect against respiratory disease caused by the Corona virus. Although vaccination studies against the Corona virus continue, it is unlikely that the vaccine will be released before one year. Public health officials underline that flu vaccine is important for hospitals not to have to cope with both flu and Corona virus cases at the next autumn and winter.

“Double attack” warning from experts for flu and Corona

Outbreak disease specialist Dr. from Vanderbilt University Medical Center. William Schaffner, ” We will be under double attack by flu and corona this autumn and winter. For now, we can only do something for the flu. ”

According to the CDC, drug manufacturers produced 170 million doses of flu vaccines last year. In the 2019-2020 flu season, which ended last month, 740 thousand people were hospitalized due to the flu, 62 thousand people died.

$ 6.8 billion market

Insurance companies usually meet the flu vaccines made in the doctor’s office or contracted pharmacies, while the flu vaccine is sold for about $ 40 on the market. This reveals that the US vaccine market has a volume of about $ 6.8 billion. Disease Control Centers CDC offers some doses as a child vaccination program, and discounts them.

According to Wall Street company Bernstein, the influenza vaccine in the global market is about $ 5 billion. A 1 percentage point increase in the number of Americans vaccinated in the U.S. makes pharmaceutical companies earn $ 75 million.

CDC President Robert Redfield says that together with the flu and Corona virus this fall, the Americans can put a heavier burden on the cost of last year’s Corona virus outbreak.

“New ways to promote flu vaccine should be developed”

Some experts say that people may not want to get vaccinated by seeing their doctors face to face because of fear of the Corona virus, and argue that creative new ways should be developed to ensure that these people are vaccinated.

Nancy Messonier, head of the CDC Immune and Respiratory Disease Center, said pharmacies and public health clinics can set up clinics that are used by the vehicle used in Corona virus tests.

“My goal is to apply each dose of vaccine to a person to protect them,” said Messonier. I do not want vaccine doses to stay in doctors’ offices or on the shelves of pharmacies, ” he said.

Flu shot may not always prevent flu

One of the reasons why some Americans avoid flu vaccine is that the flu type used when preparing the vaccine does not always coincide with the flu type predominant during the vaccine season. This means that even if people are vaccinated, they still get the flu. However, vaccines can still ensure that the disease is mild and hospitalization rates decrease.

University of Minnesota flu specialist Dr. According to Michael Osterholm, the vaccine is better than not protecting even 35 to 40 percent of the population.

According to a study conducted by the CVS pharmacy chain between January and May, the proportion of consumers who said they would have the flu vaccine increased from 34 percent to 65 percent. Among these people, the number of people who said they would go to the doctor’s office less and the pharmacies would increase more.

Rite Aid official Jocelyn Konrad said the pharmacy chain provided 2.6 million flu vaccines last year, and this year increased its order by 40 percent.

Rite Aid stated that social distance policies can reduce the number of health clinics established at workplaces, but these people can be vaccinated with methods such as giving coupons to employees and mobile test points by vehicle.

According to David Ross, who is responsible for the commercial operations of the flu vaccine producer Seqirus, some doctors in the US are planning to vaccinate in clinics that can be set up in parks and community centers, or even in homes for essential patients.

Ross said he expects vaccination to play a huge role in fighting the Corona virus.

Corona virus vaccine may take at least 12-18 months to be found

The vaccine against the Corona virus has not yet been developed, but studies are ongoing rapidly. Nearly 100 potential vaccines are under development by biotechnology and research companies worldwide. At least five of them undergo preliminary clinical trials, known as the first stage on humans. Experts point out that it may take 12 to 18 months for a vaccine to be found at the earliest.

Pfizer, Johson & Johnson, Inovio and Moderna are among the pharmaceutical companies that carry out vaccination studies.

He stated that he would provide 1.2 billion dollars for the vaccine study carried out by Oxford University of America and British AstraZeneca company. It is stated that America will also order 300 million doses of the vaccine to be found.

30,000 volunteers are expected to participate in the vaccine’s clinical trials in the US this summer.

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