Samsung will now focus on the S series as it has decided not to release the Note series. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will be a gruesome phone.

Saying goodbye to the legendary Note series, Samsung announced brand new features for the latest wonder of the S series, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. A new leak shared by the authoritative resource reveals color options and available memory configurations for all Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones. Additionally, support has been confirmed for the proprietary S Pen stylus on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. In other words, the S series will feature Note with both S and Ultra models.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is expected to come in pale colors, not vibrant colors. According to the information that has emerged, even though it will come in gray, white, pink and purple colors, the janjanlı will not move. This time, seriousness prevails. In addition, the S21 series Ultra external phones will come with 128 and 256 GB internal storage. It is known that 512 GB of storage space will be in the Ultra model, this has not yet been confirmed for other phones in the series.

We also have interesting news for the Note freaks. Older models had holes for the pen but it won’t happen anymore. It will have a stylish cover like a fountain pen. Now we do not know if the people put the pen in the pocket of his jacket or leave it on the table like a car key and throw air. There is not much information about the cover design for now.

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As for the announcement of the S21 series, sources still insist it will take place on January 14th. However, sales of the devices will only begin in February or March next year, according to analysts. It is known that the US and South Korean versions of the Galaxy S21 will come with the Snapdragon 888 processor. In the global market, Exynos will be launched with 2100 processors.


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