The two-screen Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, whose images were published the other day, will revolutionize the world of smartphones.



The smartphone industry is constantly evolving, and new technologies appear every year. Finally, while some images of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra model are published, it is not surprising that the design of the phone, especially the second screen in the huge camera module

Smartphones with a second screen have been on the market since 2017, and it looks like it will start to trend again in 2021. The latest information from China shows that the Mi 11 Ultra will not be the only phone with a second screen this year.


Phones like Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra will increase

We’ll see more smartphones with a second screen this year, according to the trusted Weibo account @DigitalChatStation. At least two more phones will be showcased, with a screen on the back. However, the source does not give details about these phones for now and it is a secret that they will be developed by which manufacturer.

Speaking of the rear, the second screen, it is not to mention the Meizu Pro 7. The Meizu Pro 7 was introduced in 2017 and at this point managed to become the world’s first phone with another screen on the back. On this second screen, the time, weather, notification details could be displayed and the rear cameras could be used as the front camera and selfies could be taken. However, although this device was offered for sale globally, it did not see the value it deserved. Even Meizu Pro 7 was officially available for sale in our country.

It is a matter of curiosity how functional the second screen similar to the Mi 11 Ultra will be. The second screen in the camera module is a radical decision and frankly we don’t expect this design to get in the way. Some users will like it very much, others will find it very ugly.


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