The smartphone market brand new products are preparing to join. This month, different new smart phone models will appear.


The year 2021 has been very fruitful in terms of smartphones. As we enter the year 2021, different phone models of dozens of famous brands have been released and are currently ongoing. While the competition between companies that introduce high-level technologies continues to increase day by day, we continue to deliver the information stuck on our radar instantly. While a total of 346 million smartphones are on the market in the first quarter of 2021, brand new smartphones are currently being prepared to be introduced. Let’s take a look at these phones together. New smartphones are coming.

While dozens of different phone models that we encountered in the first quarter continue to sell like crazy, companies do not neglect to set sail for brand new products. While the year 2021, when the smartphone explosion took place, continues to progress in a very fertile structure, the phones that will be released this month are also caught in our radar. We will encounter such phone models that they will almost move from place to place.

New Smartphones to be Released in May 2021

In many news we have done so far, we have talked about the place and importance of smart phone models in our lives. While smartphones continue to come to our rescue while playing games and sometimes doing our daily work, brand new models continue to appear. In this news, we will share the list of phone models that will appear this month. While the list goes on, let’s keep in mind that a lively May awaits us.

The phone models that will appear in May 2021 are as follows:

  • realme 8 Pro 5G
  • realme X7 Max
  • Pixel 5a
  • IQOO Z3
  • POCO M3 Pro
  • Redmi Note 10S
  • Moto G100
  • POCO F3 GT
  • Samsung Galaxy M32
  • Asus Zenfone 8
  • OPPO K9
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold
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