After a few months his name was not heard from again, Daisy is known to have been deleted on the MOMOLAND website page.

The girl group member MOMOLAND, who was on hiatus due to the scandal with Yunhyeong iKON in the beginning of 2019, did indeed experience a slight incompatibility with the agency.

Back in January 2020, Daisy revealed that she was forced to go on hiatus by her own agency, MLD Entertainment. Daisy also wanted to leave the agency, but she had to pay a penalty of 1.1 billion won, equivalent to 13 billion rupiah.

A few months later, Daisy’s photo with the six members on the MOMOLAND website page disappeared. For this, the agency clarified it by saying, “Daisy is still under MLD Entertainment, and we are changing the website to show MOMOLAND’s line up with six members.”

Meanwhile, Yeonwoo, who was previously rumored to have left the group, is still displayed on the MLD website with a separate column as solo artists.


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