Google is planning to be more aggressive in the wireless headphone market. Recent developments show that the Pixel Buds A model is on the way.


After Google moved the smartphone naming from Nexus to Pixel, there was a serious increase in phone prices. As such, Google’s Android reference phones could not achieve the expected sales figures. Fortunately, Pixel a series came to Google’s rescue. Thanks to these affordable phones, Google’s popularity in the mobile devices category has increased tremendously. According to a report published by the 9to5google site, Google wants to start a similar move in the wireless headset category. Pixel Buds A is coming, as you can understand.


Pixel Buds A Will Be Affordable

The full wireless headset market has begun to experience its golden age, so to speak, after the Apple AirPods. Apple’s headphones are expensive and not appealing to everyone, but many brands, large and small, already have wireless headphone models, and new ones are being added to them every day. Google’s current Pixel Buds headset is also in a price category that we can call expensive. With the A series Pixel Buds, the price will be lowered and it will be aimed to reach a wider audience.

The second generation Pixel Buds, the fully wireless version, is currently sold at $ 179. In the A-series earphones, the target looks below $ 150. The welcome development is that although the price will be lowered, the young model will inherit most of its features from the old one. Design comes first among these. Touch controls and Google Assistant support will also be included in the affordable model. Pixel BudsA is already available in two color options: Green and white. Google is expected to increase the color options in this headset, which will target young people.


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