Plague Inc. It became fashionable when covid 19 was just beginning to spread in the world, although few imagined that the current scenario could look very similar.



This game, developed by Ndemic Creations, became a success in a matter of months, so it will surprise those who continue to play it.

From now on, and until covid 19 is under control, Plague Inc. will give away a DLC where you can finally eliminate the virus from the face of the Earth.

The new DLC is called ‘The Cure’, adding a few additional mechanics to the base game.

Now you will have to start research, social and even economic programs in order to stop the advance of covid 19 in the world.

According to the developers of Plague Inc., this DLC was created with the help of experts from important organizations such as the WHO, who contributed to make it more realistic.

Develop a vaccine and save the world.
Although the experience sounds attractive, you should know that it adds an extra difficulty, since you must maintain a certain balance in the management of your resources to get ahead successfully.

To get this new DLC it will be enough to have the base game installed, but if for some reason you cannot find it, we recommend you visit its page on Steam.

Currently, Plague Inc. has a 60% discount on this platform, so you can buy it for only $ 59.99 Mexican pesos.

Do not miss the opportunity and become the hero of the whole world, even if it is only in the virtual world, and if you want to be one in real life as well, remember to follow all the indications of the authorities of your country.

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Hopefully the vaccine distribution starts to show in a few months, but while this is happening, try to stay safe.


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