They sent codes to the backers but they either don’t work or are blank. They work to fix it.

Platinum Games has apologized to the backers who funded The Wonderful 1010: Remastered and who are encountering errors in the Switch codes, which are either blank or defective and do not allow the game to play immediately. In a message on social media, the company has stated the following: “We have identified the cause of the error with The Wonderful 101: Remastered codes for the Nintendo Switch sent to the Kickstarter backers. We are working to get the correct codes, excuse the inconvenience”.

The problem stems from the setbacks the game is having to quit. It was scheduled for May 19, but the company has had to delay the physical release of the game due to the coronavirus. Given this, the studio began sending Steam codes to all those who had a purchased physical edition, and at least being able to play the game while waiting for the purchased version that will not arrive before June 30.

Functional codes on Steam, some bugs on Switch
The big problem has come with some of the codes for the Nintendo Switch. Some users received either the blank code or one that did not allow them to play immediately. Platinum Game confirmed that it knows of this bug since last Friday and is working to try to fix it. The game managed to raise $ 2.2 million from 33,000 people who trusted its release as a remaster for PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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The title has so far been exclusive to Wii U, and one of the games in the hero-based title family that has been under development for Kamiya, starting with Viewtiful Joe, followed by this Wonderful 101 and one of the Platinum 4 which will also be based on this type of initial concept.

In our analysis we highlight both its fun and its lasting proposal, as well as colorful elements at the graphic level. Unfortunately, the controls adapted to the peculiarities of Wii U made it somewhat “overwhelming”, according to our review, from controlling to getting used to it, and the use of the Game Pad became cumbersome. It will be interesting to see how this has been solved in the new versions.


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