Google recently announced that the App Bundle feature, which considerably reduces the size of applications, will become mandatory in the Play Store from 2021. The tool will serve as a prerequisite for the publication of new programs on the platform.

In a video published on the Android developers channel, which has Portuguese subtitles, Google’s engineering director, Milena Nikolic, explains that the novelty will be mandatory for new applications. However, the company also recommends that current apps adopt the tool.

Launched two years ago, the App Bundle is a tool for developers that allows you to compartmentalize and optimize the application so that each Android device downloads the necessary codes to run the program. According to Google, the tool allows apps to be delivered up to 65% smaller in size.

As the App Bundle is a tool for developers, the tendency is that end users will not notice changes in their applications, with the exception of reduced storage space. For those who work with apps, the tip is to enter the Android website and become familiar with the tool.

Mandatory use of the App Bundle is not the only novelty revealed by Google that promises to improve the lives of users of the Play Store. Recently, the company also announced Asset Delivery, a system that promises to optimize application updates and make downloads faster.

In addition to bringing more tools for developers, the firm also launched this month the first beta of Android 11, which is already being distributed on Pixel phones and will soon arrive on certain Xiaomi devices. The open test allows users to start experimenting with the new version of the OS to help develop the program, which will arrive in its final edition in the second half of the year.


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