The Play Store’s automatic app removal algorithms are expected to make the store a safer place for everyone. But sometimes things don’t go as expected. The application named Just Player on the Play Store was removed from the store today due to a very interesting issue.



The Play Store sent an automated email to the developer, reporting that its app contains content that does not comply with the sexual content and profanity policy and has been suspended. In the e-mail, subtitle support included SRT, SSA, ASS, TTML, VTT formats and the swearing content of the format which means ASS, which means butt.

Funnyly, Google’s own ExoPlayer library mentions the same subtitle format in both the Github repository and the support page. For this reason, it is understood that Google is not against the use of such curses.

Fortunately, Google, which contacted the developer, resolved this problem in a short time and released the application back to its store.

It is not yet known how Google detects the format it uses as “butt” and uninstalls the application. Probably the app fell victim to the algorithms and was automatically removed from the store.

It would seem that it would be healthier if Google spruced up the applications that are loaded on the store and target user information instead of such curses. We hope that more stringent measures will be taken in the future for the security of the applications in the Play Store.

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