It is predicted that TV sales may increase thanks to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X new generation game consoles are expected to be reflected in TV shipments in 2021.

Omdia’s market research predicts that the TV industry will see an increase in shipments in 2021.

It is underlined that Sony and Microsoft launched a game console for the second time in the same year. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were previously released in November 2013. According to Omdia, the launch of the consoles led to a 32 percent increase in console shipments and a 5 percent increase in TV shipments the following year. Therefore, market research assumes that a similar rise can be expected in 2021. Let’s not forget that users in various groups and forums are looking for new TVs for their consoles.

It is predicted that TV sales will increase, especially using the advanced hardware of the new console generation, such as 8K resolution and 120 Hz refresh rate. Omdia expects a positive outlook for 2021 shipments. Additionally, the market research report expects both consoles to see more than 31 percent increase in shipments next year compared to this year.


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