Late last year, PlayStation 5 was officially launched in different parts of the world. Despite the coronavirus epidemic, the sales of this console are officially sold out. As soon as it came to stock, it was realized that the PS5, which was finished, was unfortunately not a perfect device.



According to multiple reports from various parts of the world; The DualSense controller seems to have a serious rocker drift problem. According to players’ feedback, the new DualSense controller on the PS5 is experiencing a stick shift issue. This causes the drift event to occur. Due to the drift problem, the analogs move themselves and negatively affect the gaming experience. It’s not nice if the cursor suddenly moves to the right or left side of the screen while aiming.

Opening for technological devices, iFixit has released a report showing the removal of the Dual Sense controller. According to iFixit; The drift problem is most likely a hardware problem rather than software. In other words, this problem cannot be overcome with the update.

Disassembly of iFixit revealed that PS5 controller drift problem may be caused by hardware rather than software. According to iFixit’s disassembly analysis, the drift problem may have connections to four parameters. Drift problem; caused by sensor wear, spring fatigue, material stress and dust.

According to Alps, manufacturer of PS5 joysticks, the working life of the RKJXV’s potentiometers is determined as 2,000,000 cycles. However, a professional calculation by iFixit shows that a player can reach 2,000,000 in 4-7 months. This can cause wear and tear of the potentiometer in the DualSense controller.

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The Sony front has not yet made a statement about this problem. However, cases may be at the door. 4 deterioration of $ 599 per month, the arm of a console in the United States is not something that can be accepted. Probably Sony will either take action on this issue or grapple with lawsuits.


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