Sony’s game console PlayStation 5, which has a shortage of stock all over the world, was recently opened for pre-order in China and sold out in about 20 minutes.

PlayStation 5, the game console released by Sony for the new generation, is experiencing stock shortages all over the world due to Covid-19 and high demand. Including our country, the PlayStation 5 is unfortunately not found at the moment. Recently, it was opened to pre-order in China.

PlayStation 5 was previously on sale in China physically, and the store was in a huge stampede. This time, the PlayStation 5, which will be distributed on May 15, has been opened for pre-order for Chinese players over the internet. About 20 minutes after the PlayStation 5 started pre-ordering, all products were sold.

According to Niko Partners, the number of PlayStation 5s opened for pre-order in China is 50,000. In other words, 50,000 PlayStation 5 were consumed in approximately 20 minutes. It was recently announced that more PlayStation 5s will be added to stocks in China.

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