A lot of news has emerged for the PlayStation 5 release date. It has now been reported that a report has leaked after leaks indicating different dates. This report contains information for the date of the announcement.

According to the plans, it is stated that the games will be introduced before the console is released. These games are aimed to bring the curiosity for the console to a climax and succeed after the announcement.

Plans for PlayStation 5 release date surfaced
Jeffrey Grubb, who is known for his news on games, stated in a post he made plans for the release of the new console. It is said that the first games of the console will be shown before the announcement of the console. History information had been revealed before. But none of them had been talked about so precisely.

Sony has scheduled June 4 for the PlayStation 5 release date. It is said by Grubb that it shares the date precisely with the information received from within the company. The same person had already leaked the Nintendo Direct announcement date and the announcement took place on the date it specified.

In previous reports, the month of May was pointed out for the date. Some sources also pointed to the end of May. Although there are a few days of deviation, it seems that leaks can be real.

With the cancellation of the E3 2020 fair, console and game manufacturers started making their own plans. Many companies plan games by organizing online events within their own organization. Console manufacturers will follow the same path and introduce players to their console.

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It is stated that the launch of the new console is towards the end of the year. Because the previous version also met users towards the end of the year on PS4.


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