Some new survey results from the Game Developer Conference held recently have come out more. According to the developers, PlayStation 5 is the most popular console.

Some new reports are shared from the Game Developer Conference every year. Surveys of over 3,000 developers revealed some interesting results.

As we said during the conference, over 3000 developers were surveyed. One of the survey questions was the platforms that developers were most interested in. According to the survey result, 44% of the developers find the PlayStation 5 more interesting. Nintendo Switch comes right after the PlayStation 5 with 38%. Next comes the Xbox Series X / S with 30% and VR with 27%, respectively. Let us state that more than one option can be selected in surveys.

As we said, the most popular console is PlayStation 5, but the most popular platform is PlayStation 5. The most interested platform for developers is the PC with 58%. Of course, it is predictable that the PC is popular due to its convenience for developers.

In the past months, some game developers have said that developing games for PlayStation 5 is at least more comfortable than Xbox Series X / S for now. The reason for this is that the Xbox has switched to a different structure. The developers think that the Xbox will be more comfortable as they get used to it in the future.

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