The PS5 was the worst debut home console in Sony history in Japan. Japanese analyst Hideki Yasuda says Sony does not care about Japan and shifts its focus entirely to the United States.

Although the PlayStation brand is on the rise around the world, interestingly, it is having its worst times in its homeland Japan. According to data released by Famitsu, PS5’s first month sales figures in Japan are not very good. It is stated that the PS5, which sold 240 thousand in the first four weeks, is the worst console in Sony history after the PSP.

Switch passed PS4 in two years
PlayStation consoles have been in decline in Japan for a considerable time. For example, the PlayStation 4 console had a tremendous success worldwide, but it sold less than expected in Japan (sold less than the PS3). Finally, Nintendo’s Switch console also managed to surpass PS4’s total sales in Japan just two years after its release. In 2019, Switch had sold four times the rate of PS4.

The reason for this huge decline of the PlayStation brand in Japan is shown to be that Sony acts more like an American company rather than a Japanese company. Making some statements on the subject, Ace Economic Research Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda said that Sony has shrunk its game development team in Japan and that Japan is not given much importance in PS5 promotions. Stating that Sony showed the greatest importance to the USA, Yasuda stated that Japanese gamers are well aware of this situation.

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PS5 may not sell half as much as PS4
Speaking to, Hideki Yasuda said, “Sony is not paying due attention to Japan. The PlayStation brand is currently losing heavily in Japan. The 240,000 sales figure is by far the worst performance in Sony history for home consoles. This trend continues. If so, the PS5 may not be able to sell half as much as the PS4. ” used the expressions.

PlayStation 5, which debuted on November 12, is estimated to have sold more than 3 million in its first month. Half of these sales came directly from the USA. Of course, it might be normal for Sony to move its focus there, as there is greater interest in the US; However, when we look at the stock situation around the world, for example, while there was no new stock in Europe for over a month, new stocks were seen at different retailers almost every day in the USA. Despite the high interest in Europe, Sony interestingly turned all its focus to America.


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