With a post on Twitter, it was announced that PlayStation Store was temporarily suspended in China. The reason for the full closure of PlayStation Store, which has been suspended for alleged privacy problems in China, is unknown. This news, which was announced on Twitter, was shared by Daniel Ahmad, one of the important names in the game market in China. There have been many posts on social media about the decision to close the Chinese PlayStation Store, which is said to be temporary.

China made a new decision for PlayStation Store! Temporarily closed
As you know, China is a country that has problems with companies from time to time because of security problems. Now, PlayStation Store, which is used frequently by gamers, has been temporarily closed. According to Ahmad’s share, privacy violations and secret cover jobs in China’s popular social media platform Weibo caused this restriction to come.

Of course, this does not seem like a definitive reason, but according to official sources, the PS Store restriction has come because of “applying security updates”.

Although it is not clear exactly what he wants to say from this discourse, the analyst who added to the Twitter share bases the restriction on an Xbox fan’s share in Weibo: Xbox fan has complained to the authorities that there are hidden elements that provide easy access to overseas services. It is said that the process started in this way.

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The vast majority of PS players are located in China. The players who comment on the post on Twitter state that such a thing is unacceptable and there are many games that they have already purchased. Naturally, we can say that the victim has become actors again.


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