Google Chrome, the popular internet browser on desktop and mobile, will raise the user experience to the next level with its new feature.


As you know, it is very frustrating to accidentally close a tab on connections with slow internet or when the web page loads very slowly. Google Chrome wants to alleviate this problem by caching the closed tab for a short time.

Google Chrome will be faster with its new feature

This soon-to-be-available feature appears to work similarly to the way Chrome caches web pages that can be accessed with the forward and back buttons. When a user closes a tab, Chrome will cache the website for about 15 seconds, and if the user decides to reopen the tab within that time, Chrome will pull data from the cache.

Since Chrome won’t completely reload website data from the internet, it will instead load what is needed from local storage, so closed tabs will open quickly as if they were never closed.

Naturally this will increase the amount of cache used by Chrome. So Google will have to think of a way to ensure that the browser cache is not too large. This feature will probably turn into a disadvantage rather than an advantage on Android and iPhone models with low storage units.

This feature appeared in the Chromium Gerrit code. Therefore, it is said that the new feature will not be available soon. It will probably take the end of the year for the tests to be completed and integrated into the final version. This feature, which will be available for both Android and iOS users, is expected to reduce data consumption.


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