Spotify, which allows the application to be used more effectively with the updates it publishes, came to the agenda with a new feature. Spotify Premium users will now be able to fine-tune their playlists while listening to their favorite songs on their mobile phones. With Spotify Hide feature is here!

Hide Spotify feature for Spofity Premium users
Playlists contain only songs or albums that a person likes to listen to. However, there is of course no guarantee that there will be songs that everyone can enjoy in the lists prepared by someone else. So when you enter someone else’s playlist, you want to skip this when a song that doesn’t suit your taste comes out. However, this situation is about to change for Premium users. Premium users on Android and iOS will be able to hide some songs in playlists. With the Hide Spotify feature, users can listen to exactly what they want to listen to.

Just select ‘Hide song’ option from the menu for the Hide feature. A sign will then appear next to all the hidden songs and will be automatically skipped in the playlists. It is also possible to reactivate the song by pressing the same button again.

In the meantime, let’s underline that this feature is only available for Premium users. If you are not a Premium subscriber, this button will not be visible to you.

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