Following the XRP Blockchain, the Twitter account XRPL Monitor discovered that China’s largest Bitcoin fraud, PlusToken, is moving the stolen funds. XRPL Monitor stated that the stolen cryptocurrencies were replaced by the fourth largest cryptocurrency, XRP.

Plustoken Started Moving Stolen Funds

XRPL Monitor detected 29.5 million XRP worth $ 5.446.333 transferred by PlusToken executives. 71.5 million XRP was suspiciously moved in 9 successive transactions. According to analytical data tracker Bithomp, six of these transactions were done by anonymous users, and the remaining three transfers were linked to PlusToken.

Plustoken Transactions

Previously, XRPL Monitor reported that approximately $ 53.8 million, 285 million XRP was moved from PlusToken addresses. As a result of the fraudulent activity that emerged in 2019, about $ 2.9 billion of crypto assets were stolen.


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