The sub-brand of Xiaomi was the subject of our news with the POCO logo change. The brand, which we encountered in 2018, is preparing to leave Xiaomi as an independent brand and meet its fans.



The brand, which has a very simple logo, announced its new logo and mascot, which is currently unique to India. As a small note, let’s note that POCO is India’s third top selling smartphone brand.

When we go back to the logo, the angel-looking devil is the most important detail. The new logo and mascot with the Made of Mad motto are explained in the published infographic.

First of all, it is stated that the ring on the mascot’s head symbolizes a sense of goodness. Also, “We’re crazy, but we have a reason.” The statement is included. It has been said that the mascot, called Mad for Antennas, reveals its mischievous side and can spread the madness telepathically. While uniqueness is mentioned for the eyes, sharp intelligence is emphasized for the triangular mouth.

Drawing attention with its price performance products, POCO plays directly with the youth with its new logo. So how did you find the new logo?


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