The POCO M2 Pro, which made a name for itself as the expected phone in 2020, received the February 2021 security update. Still no trace of Android 11.



Developments in the Android world are currently spreading around the world without stopping. While millions of users around the world are waiting for the release of Android 12, Pixel phone owners have recently begun to enjoy the latest Android operating system. While Android 12, which was released as a beta, is expected to be released in full version in the summer, phone owners of other brands have started to investigate when the new update will come to their phones. Unfortunately, there is no information on this subject. POCO M2 Pro, one of the expected phones of last year, received the February 2021 update. Still no sound from Android 11 for the phone.

While the Android 11 update continues to come to the phones rapidly, the number of users of the operating system is gradually increasing. While we continue to follow Android 12 closely, we instantly transfer the information we have acquired. While the Android 12 and Android 11 designs continue to be offered to users in a very different structure, we can easily say that many phones today have Android 11 updates. However, this is a little different for this phone model.

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POCO M2 Pro Won’t Get Android 11 Update?

In fact, a clear answer to this question is not yet known. While Android 11 is still not announced for the phone model that received the February 2021 security patch, the patient continues to wait. The update is known to be based on Android 10, while the security patch with a file size of 587 MB continues to provide users with a safer phone experience. The update, which fixes various errors, offers many improvements to its users. If you wish, users can download the security patch specified now and start experiencing it immediately.


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