POCO, which became an independent brand by leaving Xiaomi at the beginning of last year, is changing its shell. The company officially introduced its new logo and mascot.

Chinese technology giant Xiaomi announced earlier last year that POCO will now continue as an independent brand. After a year, POCO announced its new logo and mascot. The new corporate identity is only for the Indian department for now.

The introduced logo consists of a mixture of angel and devil. There are four key elements. Hale represents a sense of well-being. Antennas are a reference to his naughty side. It also symbolizes spreading madness telepathically.

Devil eyes, triangular mouth
The mascot’s evil eyes contrast with the halo in his head. The triangular mouth was used to describe Poco’s sharp intelligence. So what do you think? Did you like POCO’s new logo and mascot? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.


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