While Xiaomi signed phone models continue to wreak havoc on the market, Samsung is launching the 2021 model flagships saying I have this competition. Two rival companies that have released numerous updates for their smartphones in the past weeks will undoubtedly mark this year. Especially the Xiaomi POCO M3 sold 1.5 million units on the first day, which is one of the biggest proofs of this situation, while brand new developments continue to occur in the technology world. POCO, which independently launches M3 on the market, is preparing to open a new era in the smartphone market. The POCO M3 Pro may be coming.



The M3 model, which succeeded in marking the first months of 2021, is preparing to implement brand new plans among millions of users while continuing to increase its presence in our country day by day. The company, which thinks that Xiaomi branded phones may cost less, is working on a high performance and cheap cost policy.

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A New POCO Series Is Coming

Yes, as you can see from the subtitle, a new POCO smartphone series will come. When it will come and what will it bring continues to be a matter of curiosity, we have accessed this information on POCO’s Twitter account. The famous phone manufacturer stated that it is planning a new series for 2021 and that it aims to go out of the ordinary with this series.

Millions of users made some predictions with the sharing. One of the predictions made looks very interesting. Some users have stated that the Chinese giant is working on the M3 Pro and could be the head of the next series.


POCO M3 Pro Grenade

As it is known, Xiaomi has been launching POCO F1, F2 Pro, X3, M3 and other models with different features since 2018. F1 and F2 Pro of these models came out with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series flagship processors. The first uses the Snapdragon 845 and the second uses the Qualcomm Snadragon 865. The other two models have the X3 Snapdragon 732G and M3 Snapdragon 662 processor. When we looked at the models, we could not understand what their common aspects were. What we mean is that POCO phones do not even use the same processors.

While the new phone model is expected to be M3 Pro, let’s not forget that the sales of the M3 exploded once again.


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