Again, we are faced with a phone explosion or burning. This time, Xiaomi’s popular phone, which exploded during charging, was the POCO X3.


Burning or exploding smartphones have always been on the agenda. Especially there is a Galaxy Note 7 burning / explosion story; You can write pages of articles. Our phone, the subject of today’s explosion story, is the POCO X3. The X3, one of the most popular phones of Xiaomi’s sub-brand POCO, allegedly suddenly burst into flames during charging. The owner of the phone brought the issue up on Twitter, and let’s see what happened afterwards.

POCO X3 Explodes While Charging

The owner of the smartphone says that he bought the X3 in December last year and has been using it without any problems until today, and that the phone has not experienced any problems with overheating or similar operation so far. The phone unexpectedly exploded while on charge on April 13, and then caught fire. The destroyed battery damaged the entire device and turned the back panel into coal. The screen, which was exposed to extreme heat, also fell apart.

The user, whose phone became unusable, announced the situation on Twitter with the photos he took. It was on the agenda of Xiaomi and POCO in a short time.

Xiaomi representatives responded to the user’s message a few days later, stating that they were investigating the cause of the incident. “According to the first finding, an” external force “caused the damage.” used the expressions. Citing the photo, the company states that the smartphone’s battery was punctured by an outside force, and then this problem occurred.

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The owner of the phone states that unlike Xiaomi, the phone exploded due to the inability to control the temperature level. Of course, it is difficult to understand who is the culprit by looking at the photographs, but we wonder whether Xiaomi examined the phone in his laboratory in this incident or reached this conclusion based on the images.

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