Pokémon GO has announced a ton of new events that will take place in March, the night of February 28, Pokémon GO ran the curtain of its plans for March, revealing special events for each weekend next month, along with new research special and a new flobal event for the acquisition of Team Rocket.

The events are highlighted by new events of legendary raids that will bring back legendary Pokémon with new movements and shiny variants of all kinds.

The Psychic Spectacular event will also return, bringing with it a greater number of psychic-type Pokémon, including Gothita, which is a new Pokémon from the famous Niantic game, belonging to the fifth generation.

Finally we will have a mysterious event that will come to the game on the weekend of March 20, which could lead to the addition of Genesect to the game.

Pokémon Go is available on mobile IOS and Android devices.


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