The Pokémon Company and Niantic present this new batch to make it easy for Trainers to play from home during the coronavirus.

Niantic has unveiled a new temporary batch of items for Pokémon GO in exchange for just one Pokemon. As a consequence of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the studio is committed to facilitating the game from home, without going outside, with measures such as remote Raids and other options that we have been telling you about in recent weeks. On this occasion, the pack will be available from today until Monday, May 18, 2020 at 22:00 CEST.

Last batch of items for 1 Pokécurrency

  • Remote Raid Pass x 1
  • Poké Balls x 20
  • Super Balls x 10
  • Ultra Balls × 5

It will be, according to reports, the last batch of items for Pokémon GO in exchange for a Pokécurrency; reason why presumably from next May 18 the usual game protocols will be applied gradually. In any case, this week just started starts with more facilities than usual to get items. For starters, colleagues can bring us gifts from the Poképaradas. It will be enough to send gifts to our friends and we will receive in exchange other gifts that we can open to get objects like Berries and Poké Balls.

On the other hand, the gifts will incorporate a Poké Ball index above normal, while turning a Photo Disc in any PokéStop we can receive an additional daily investigation task (with which we can also earn more objects). Finally, the distance from which we can rotate a PokéStop has been temporarily doubled.

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Last week we learned that Niantic was working on a progressive overhaul of the PokéCoin earning system. They will start in Australia, where they will implement additional activities such as evolving Pokémon or making excellent launches, which will grant additional coins once a day; In addition, the number of Pokécoins that we can obtain without paying every twenty-four hours will increase.


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